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Cannabis Drinks

Evidence supporting the medical benefits of cannabis is mounting. As a result, the stigma is finally starting to fade around it’s use. More people than ever before are looking to cannabis as a safe and effective natural medicine.

From cannabis wines, soda pops to energy drinks and tinctures. Whether it’s CBD concentrate or THC concentrate that you’re looking for, you’ll find it here at DrinkCannabis.com.



Cannabis Drink Recipes

There’s nothing like homemade! Have a look through various cannabis drink recipes you can try at home and save money! Our recipe database is constantly updated with recipes for cannabis smoothies, hot drinks, alcoholic beverages and even tinctures!

Also, please feel free to add or share your very own (or favorite) cannabis recipe! Check out our contact page for more information.




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Corroborating what most already know, a new study published by Columbia University identifies men as “more likely to smoke pot than women.” As the United States of Weed continues to reform their marijuana laws, this new study indicates an elevated use...

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